Founded by professionals, post graduate civil engineers from IIT (Bombay); well versed with conception, designing, execution, rehabilitation & decoration of buildings, villas, bungalows, industries, bridges & ancillaries. Having actually worked on site for more than two decades with Clients, Architects, Engineers & Contractors; we came across different aspects & behaviours of structures. After working in consortium & independently, we have formulated a consultancy firm named “Castlecraft Properties and Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd."

Key Information
Castlecraft Properties and Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be on MCGM's own panel for structural audit of Municipality owned buildings

Team Members

Late Mr. Madhav N. Nandgaonkar (Co-Founder) (Ex-Director)

  • B.E. (Civil) from Bombay University (1980) and M. Tech (General) from IIT, Bombay (1982).
  • Member of Institution of Engineers, India (F16987/7).
  • Structural Consultant for M.C.G.B. (STR/N/26), Site Supervisor Gr. I for M.C.G.B. (SS/N/7/I) and on Repair panel of MHADA MBRR board IV 105

Mrs. Maanasi M. Nandgaonkar - Chairman

  • B.E. (Civil) from Bombay University ( 1980) and M. Tech (Struct) from IIT, Bombay (1982)
  • Member of Institution of Engineers India Convener of Civil Div. & Hon. Jt. Secretary (04-06 & 08-10) (F 16988/5), India Chapter of A.C.I. ex-Director (396), Indian Society of Structural Engineers Advisory trustee (AT-12), Building & works committee of SNDT Chancellor’s nominee (05-08).
  • Structural Consultant M.C.G.B. STR/N/27, Site Supervisor Gr. I M.C. G.B. SS/N/4/I and on Repair panel of MHADA MBRR board IV 106
  • Assisted in structural design of various P.S.C. bridges in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Assam, and Jammu & W. Bengal while working in ‘GAMMON INDIA LIMITED’ as Design Engineer. (Oct -1982 to March -1993)
  • 4 bridges in Manipur - Designed well foundations, open foundations, piers, abutments, prestressed girders of span @ 35.0 M. & 48.0 M. & all other structural members.
  • 1 bridge in Maharashtra - Designed well foundations.
  • 1 bridge in Gujarat - Designed abutments.
  • 1 bridge in Jammu - Designed int. piers, open foundations & abutments.
  • 1 bridge in W. Bengal - Designed int. piers, int. well foundations, abutment well foundations, & balanced cantilever superstructure.
  • 2 bridges in Maharashtra – Designed prestressed spans.
  • Publication of technical paper : On ‘Reliability Analysis’ in I. E. Journal.

N.K. Bhattacharyya - Advisor

  • Retired Chief Engineer, Ministry of Defense; Civil Engineer, specialized in economic design of multi-storeyed buildings, bridge engineering, design and construction of tall concrete structures and many other fields of civil engineering
  • Fellow/Memberships of 12 professional institutes
  • Published 46 technical papers in various prestigious civil engg. journals
  • Years in design of high rise buildings, large steel structures, blast/seismic resistant designs, storage/underground structures, aircraft pens/hangars, water/sewage treatment plants/reservoirs, runway pavements, large retaining structures, investigation of collapse/distress rehabilitation/retrofitting of structures and 12 years in construction of in almost all possible structures provisioning, control of cost and quality of works.

Revant Nandgaonkar - Co Founder / Director

  • Masters in Management Studies, Marketing (Mumbai University)
  • Free / Libre Software Enthusiast and Entrepreneur
  • Manage IT Cloud Infrastructure

Riddhimaan Nandgaonkar - Director of Finance and Administration

  • Masters in Science, Finance(American University, Washington DC, US)
  • Heads all financial decisions for the group
  • Monitors value creation activities and works on improving organisational efficiency

Manohar Patil - Design Engineer

  • B. E. Civil
  • Experienced Design Engineer
  • Manohar Patil is a Civil Engineer with 14 years of experience in the field of design. He has designed residential, commercial and industrial structures. He leads our RCC design assignments in PMC and turnkey projects.

Rajiv Yadav - Engineer

  • Structural Audit
  • Tender and BOQ
  • Design